Locker Room to Boardroom

According to the NCAA, student- athletes have less than a two percent chance of playing their sport professionally.  This statistic is not lost at CLM Etiquette which is why we offer a course tailored  specifically to educating and training student-athletes on how to navigate the business world after cleats and helmets, sprints and tournaments.  After all, business is a game that requires practice, coaching and the ability to execute skills on game day ...when it matters most.

Why Should You Invest?

  • You know your athletes are talented, but they will inevitably need to finish their education and enter the workforce. You want them to be as confident off of the field as they are on the field.
  • You've have seen first hand how your athletes eat after a game and know they wont be able to eat like that over a meal that is also an interview.  Your whole team needs to learn how to take small bites and which fork is theirs.
  • Away game travel dress codes are for comfort, but sweat pants and logo-gear isn't appropriate for an interview.  First impressions should be lasting impressions. If a potential employer cannot see the professionalism in a candidate, your athlete has already struck out before the first pitch.