Taking Student-Athletes from Locker Room to Boardroom

According to the NCAA, student-athletes have less than a two percent chance of playing their sport professionally. For the other 98 percent, there’s Locker Room to Board Room, a professional protocol course designed specifically to help student-athletes enter the business world after the final whistle has been blown.

Just like collegiate sports, business is a game full of intricacies. It requires practice, coaching and the ability to execute with confidence when it matters most. And whether it’s working the room during a networking event or enjoying a formal dinner with a potential boss, CLM Consulting helps student-athletes feel comfortable in any professional setting.

In addition to covering the basics — such as how to take small bites, which fork belongs to whom and why logos and sweatpants are never appropriate for a job interview — each hands-on, interactive workshop will provide the soft skills necessary to succeed in the modern workplace. Christie Leigh draws on her own experience transitioning from the field hockey pitch to the political fast lane, offering advice on everything from introductions and handshakes to professional dress and correspondence.

At the end of the training, student-athletes leave armed with the knowledge and confidence necessary to build respectful relationships, communicate effectively and lead with confidence — on and off the playing field.