Custom Courses

CLM Etiquette is happy to create a custom seminar for you or your organization that combines any of our offered courses.  CLM Business Etiquette Consulting provides customized training sessions for corporations and individuals who are seeking a higher level of business etiquette intelligence.

Tailored to the needs of you and or your company, CLM Business Etiquette Consulting offers results-oriented training on-site for your team and focuses on the issues and concerns that arise in your field. From the novice co-worker to the veteran executive, CLM Business Etiquette bestows you with everything you need to polish your professional appearance, from always choosing the right fork to landing the biggest deal of your career, and anything in-between.

Why should you customize?

  • You are a business owner whose target market is specific.
  • You have noticed your students or employees exemplifying superb business etiquette in all areas except...
  • You know the type of training your employees respond to and want to work with CLM Business Etiquette Consulting to achieve this environment so they will listen and appreciate the etiquette training they need.

Customize your training to fit your business needs.