Accessible Business Etiquette for the Modern World


The way to succeed in business is to prove you belong there — and that’s where CLM Business Etiquette Consulting comes in.

CLM Consulting empowers its clients to confidently navigate the often tricky world of business interactions. Its seminars and hands-on workshops leave clients feeling confident in their ability to build relationships, communicate effectively and manage their professional image in the modern world.

The company’s founder, Christie Leigh Mueller Wells, is a licensed image and protocol expert, but that doesn’t mean she’s bringing back doilies. Christie Leigh’s seminars are accessible. Approachable. Engaging. She’ll answer all the tricky questions — “How long is too long to wait to respond to an email? Which fork do I use? How do I excuse myself from a conversation?” — and she’ll use real-world to illustrate the finer points of what not to do. Attendees walk away armed with the soft skills, business etiquette and knowledge needed to succeed in a modern business world.