Greek Life: Empowering Young Women

Sororities are no longer about finding your future bridesmaids; they’re about finding your future business network. In fact, building lasting friendships is now only part of the Greek life equation; panhellenic membership can open so many doors and opportunities to young women. When coupled with the powerful and progressive change underway in corporate America, there’s never been a more advantageous time for these young women to enter the workforce.

So how can you transition the leadership skills, teamwork, organization, philanthropic experience and networking opportunities gained from Greek life — not to mention, forward momentum — of this exciting time in history?

By finally leveling the playing field.

Despite comprising almost half the American workforce, women continue to make just 80.5 cents to every dollar earned by men. Yet there are ways to help close this gender equality gap. A strong handshake. Confident eye contact. A poised but proud review of accomplishments. These are the soft skills young women must master to achieve equality in the workplace. And that’s where CLM Business Etiquette Consulting can help.

CLM Consulting empowers young women to confidently navigate the intricacies and protocol of doing business in a modern world. Whether it’s working the room during a networking event or enjoying a formal dinner with the board of directors, CLM Consulting helps clients feel comfortable in any professional setting.

Led by Kappa Delta alumnae, Christie Leigh Mueller Wells, each interactive workshop is brimming with practical and actionable etiquette tips that help young women avoid the pitfalls of negative stereotypes. These fully customized trainings offer relevant how-tos on everything from introductions and business entertaining to professional decorum and correspondence.

At the end of every session, sisters will leave armed with the knowledge and confidence necessary to build respectful relationships, communicate effectively, lead with confidence — and level the professional playing field.