Christie Leigh Mueller Wells

Christie Leigh Mueller Wells is a consultant who helps her clients master the art of business etiquette, image and protocol. She assists corporate veterans and young professionals alike to develop the business communication, leadership and inclusion skills necessary to succeed in the modern workplace.

Christie Leigh is certified by the Protocol School of Washington — the only accredited international business protocol program in the U.S. Her courses include hands-on training in soft skills, networking, workplace decorum, business entertaining, professional correspondence, technology etiquette and international business protocol.

She answers the tricky questions, like, “How do I excuse myself from a lingering conversation?” and “Which fork should I use?” — delivered in an accessible, engaging and approachable way. She also uses real-world scenarios to illustrate the finer points of what not to do. Participants leave armed with the knowledge and confidence necessary to successfully build relationships, communicate effectively and manage their professional image. Clients have included the United States Air Force, Fortune 500 executives, young professionals groups, student-athletes, national sororities, universities and non-profit organizations.

Most importantly, she empowers clients to confidently build respectful relationships. In fact, her business is rooted in it.

“I don’t believe the old adage, ‘It’s not personal, it’s just business.’ Business is inherently personal,” she says. “Our business relationships thrive when we demonstrate respect for one another’s time, space, comfort and customs. Achieving respectful interactions to drive business results is at the heart of my training.”

She credits her emphasis on respect to her early career in politics, having worked on behalf of U.S. senators, first ladies and governors in Washington, D.C. and Austin, Texas. Her business etiquette consultancy has taken her all over the country; however, she now calls Louisville, Kentucky home.

Christie Leigh earned a Bachelor of the Arts degree in political science from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn. She holds multiple certifications from the Protocol School of Washington, for which she is also a trainer. She is also the author of Gridiron Belles, a travel and etiquette guide through the stadiums and tailgates of the SEC.