Dining with Distinction

Develop and perfect your dining etiquette and confidence with this in-depth, hands-on course. Dining with Distinction gives you the tools you need to succeed over the invaluable business lunch, dinner, or reception, from seven-course meals to back yard barbeques.  This comprehensive course can be tailored as group or individual tutorial.

Why should you invest?

  • Executives claim the number one reason for not hiring someone is because they lack soft skills, including dining etiquette at a table of potential clients and future superiors.
  • Increasingly, business deals and interviews are being conducted over lunch, dinner and drinks; you need to be prepared to focus on the business, not on which fork to use!
  • Congratulations! You have a new client... But they are overseas and you want to be aware of their customs, and master the universally accepted Continental style of dining.

Don't feel left out at the party, be your best you.