The Business Etiquette Advantage

Bottom line profits are directly affected by front line etiquette skills. CLM Business Etiquette Consulting focuses on equipping you and your team with modern etiquette skills proven to accentuate your business expertise and professional image.

Outclass the Competition

Outclass the Competition is designed for professionals at all levels looking to master the good manners and mannerisms -- of highly successful people. This comprehensive, half-day seminar will teach you how to distinguish yourself from the competition by understanding the essentials of business etiquette and protocol.

Who should invest?

  • Executives and HR directors looking for a way to improve the reputation and image of their company.
  • Anyone striving to reach new heights on the corporate ladder by polishing his or her personal professional brand.
  • Those about to enter the workforce hoping to make a powerful first impression.

Your education to put you above the competition is waiting.