Christie Leigh Mueller Wells


CLM Business Etiquette Consulting was founded on the principle that business is personal.  Christie Leigh Mueller Wells has understood from the beginning of her career that having good etiquette in business and every day situations can lead to better relationships and business partnerships.

As a 2007 graduate of the Protocol School of Washington, the global leader in business etiquette and international protocol, Christie Leigh has focused her services on companies and professionals who desire a higher level of business intelligence and want the business etiquette advantage in the competitive corporate world.

Beginning her career in Washington, D.C. Christie Leigh has worked for U.S. senators, first ladies and governors. Since beginning her consulting career in 2009 she has trained the U.S. Air Force, Fortune 500 companies, student-athletes, national sororities, universities and non-profit organizations on becoming confident, polished ambassadors for their brand. Christie Leigh teaches the soft skills that are necessary--but often forgotten about-- in today's busy, fast-paced business arena. 

Christie Leigh received her Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee before heading to Washington, D.C. for her introduction into the political world. Christie Leigh moved to Austin, Texas where she founded CLM Business Etiquette Consulting and currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky.